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Hyper Automated Strategic Personalization
  • Start with the customer
  • Entire store catalog as offer pool including store brand products
  • AI driven and fully automated
Visper 2.0

How do we do it?

Birdzi’s process is customer driven. It automates audience selection, offer recommendations, discounts, and budget.

  1. Birdzi's AI Engine uses complex customer profiles and proprietary customer value scores to identify the best strategy to grow the customer
  2. Based on the individual strategy and customer profile, the engine then uses the entire catalog to create offers for a specific retailer-selected audience or all customers 
  3. Campaign launch 
  4. Detailed analytics and reporting to track campaign and real-time ROI and impact 
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The results of our VISPER 2.0 campaigns bode well for the future of automated personalization. Most notable is the impact these campaigns have on the upward migration of customers. It is clear that customers are ready and waiting for their favorite grocers to deliver this level of relevancy.

Key Highlights

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